AGES 18 Mouths - 3 Years Broadway Toddles:  This 30 minutte Creative Movement Class is a great way to introduce your little one to music and dance. We focus on basic dance skills and m.

AGES 3-4: BROADWAY BABIES:  A fun and exciting start to every dancer's training, this class is one-hour in length each week and includes, Pre-Ballet, Tap, Tumbling & Microphone. The focus of our Broadway Babies program is to instill a love of dance, music and movement in a loving, friendly and energetic environment. Broadway Babies will enjoy their time in the studio with various transitional activities that incorporate the basic terminology and the fundamentals of dance. They will also perform their routines at our annual productions at the Capitol Theatre in June, as well as other performances around the community.

AGES 3-6: BROADWAY HIPPETY-HOP: This high energy and exciting class offers youngest dancers the opportunity to begin learning Hip Hop in an upbeat and fun atmosphere. We take special care to create routines and choose costumes are age appropriate and family friendly for every dancer, especially our hippety hoppers. Our dancers are given the chance to perform in June at the Capitol Theatre, as well as other performances around the community.

AGES 5-6 BROADWAY DIAMONDS HIP HOP:  Dancers, ages 5-6 learn the fundamentals of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, in a convenient combination class that is designed to enhance their creative energies. The Broadway Diamonds learn in a nurturing and upbeat atmosphere with the focus being on instilling proper dance techniques and memorization of dance terminology. These dancers will perform their routines at the Capitol Theatre in June at our fantastic shows to give them the opportunity share with their family, friends and community all that they have learned.

AGES 5-9 SPIRIT CHEER & POM SQUAD: The perfect place to start for that future cheerleader or dance team member! Our Spirit Cheer program teaches the basic fundamentals of Cheer along with exciting routines. Spirit Cheerleaders learn chants, jumps, kicks, basic stunting & tumbling as well as Spirit routines they showcase at local basketball games and community performances in the Winter months as well as at our June shows at the Capitol Theatre, as well as other preformances around the community.

AGES 7-9: BROADWAY STARS: We offer 45-minute - 1 hrs classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Turns/Tricks & Leaps, and Cheer to our Star dancers who are between 7-9 years of age. The Star classes are offered in progressive levels 1-2 or 3-4 to meet the needs of dancers with varying dance experience and commitment levels. Dancers may choose to take one or more of these classes and they typically run right after school on the same day, back to back in order to accommodate those dancers who are studying in multiple types of dance. Our Star dancers are provided with the best technical training in all of the offered classes and the most up to date music and choreography styles. We take special care to ensure that our music and costumes are always tasteful and age-appropriate. We offer many performing opportunities throughout each year including our shows at the Capitol Theatre in June as well as other community events.

AGES 10-12: BROADWAY SUPERSTARS:  One hour classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced dancers are offered each week for the Superstars ages 10-12. Superstars may choose from Ballet, Contemporary, Pre-Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Turns/Tricks & Leaps and Strength & Flexibility. We promote positive self-image and developing lifelong friendships, as well as good nutrition and positive life choices to all of our dancers. The focus of our Superstar program is to provide dancers with the most up-to-date choreography, styles and techniques in the dance world today in a fun and enriching environment. All Superstar classes are given the opportunity to perform at the Capitol Theatre in June as well as various community events throughout the year.

AGES 10-14 SPIRIT CHEER & POM SQUAD: Thinking of joining your high school cheer squad or dance team? This is a great place to prepare for that amazing opportunity. Spirit Cheer Classes offer the opportunity to learn precision, tricks, chants, kicks, routines and basic stunting that will be of great use to you in turning out for your home team. The BBDA Spirit Cheer Squads are featured at many local basketball games throughout the winter months as well as at our June shows at the Historic Capitol Theatre.

AGES 13&UP: BROADWAY DIVAS:  Broadway Bound offers classes to beginner & recreational dancers as well as advanced intensive training to the most technically trained dancers in our Broadway Diva program. Diva Dancers may choose from classes that are one-hour or more in length each week: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Turns/Tricks/Leaps or Strength & Flexibility. We offer the most up-to-date styles and choreography in our classes that focus on body awareness, proper technique and alignment and healthy living. We provide a friendly and fun atmosphere to all of our Diva classes while pushing each dancer to become the best they can be. We are committed to age appropriate music, costumes and choreography. Our Diva dancers are featured in all of our performance opportunities within the community as well as our June Dance Showcase at the Historic Capitol Theatre.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Whether you are interested in a solo, duo or trio performance, a pageant routine and coaching or just extra one-on-one training, our private lessons are tremendously helpful to any dancer's training. All private lessons are prescheduled with our office and can be one-time lessons or ongoing weekly lessons. Those dancers who participate in private training for at least 6-months consecutively and learn a routine are featured in our June Showcases at the Historic Capitol Theatre.