Broadway Bound Dance Academy Tuition


Monthly Tuition Prices: FAMILY PRICING! In an effort to make dance more affordable for families with more than one
dancer, the below monthly prices are for the combined number of hours of instruction taken by your whole immediate family per week. To figure

your monthly tuition, add up the total number of hours taken by members of your household! Registration Fees, Costume Fees, Privates, Semi-
Privates, Master Classes and Special Events are not included in your family pricing for regularly scheduled classes.

5 HR/WEEK: $40.00/MONTH
.75 HR PER WEEK: $55.00/MONTH
1.25 HR PER WEEK: $80.00/MONTH
1.5 HR PER WEEK: $90.00/MONTH
1.75 HR PER WEEK: $100.00/MONTH
2 HR/WEEK: $110.00/MONTH
2.25 HR PER WEEK: $110.00/MONTH
2.5 HR PER WEEK: $128.00/MONTH
2.75 HR PER WEEK: $137.00/MONTH
3 HR PER WEEK: $146.00/MONTH

 3.25 HR PER WEEK: $154.50/MONTH
3.5 HR PER WEEK: $163.00/MONTH
3.75 HR PER WEEK: $171.50/MONTH
4 HR PER WEEK: $180.00/MONTH
4.25 HR PER WEEK: $188.00/MONTH
4.5HR PER WEEK: $196.00/MONTH
4.75 HR PER WEEK: $204.00/MONTH
5 HR PER WEEK: $212.00/MONTH
5.25 HR PER WEEK: $219.00/MONTH
5.5 HR PER WEEK: $227.00/MONTH
5.75 HR PER WEEK: $234.50/MONTH

6.25 HR PER WEEK: $249.00/MONTH
6.5 HR PER WEEK: $256.00/MONTH
6.75 HR PER WEEK: $263.00/MONTH
7 HR PER WEEK: $270.00/MONTH
7.25 HR PER WEEK: $276.00/MONTH
7.5 HR PER WEEK: $282.00/MONTH
7.75 HR PER WEEK: $288.00/MONTH
8 HR PER WEEK: $294.00/MONTH
8.25 HR PER WEEK: $299.00/MONTH
8.5 HR PER WEEK: $304.00/MONTH
8.75 HR PER WEEK: $309.00/MONTH


Private Lesson – Solo Routine – $150.00 per month (30 minutes/week)
Semi-Private – Duo or Trio Routine – $80.00 per dancer, per month
Single Privates – $75.00 per hour
Note: Private lessons may not be combined with family unlimited pricing
NO credits will be issued for missed private lessons
Make-ups may be scheduled for missed classes within 4-weeks

Please Sign up for Monthly Automatic Withdrawals

Signed form & voided check necessary.  We process payments on the 5thand 20thof each month.  We also accept cash, checks, money orders and most major credit cards through our payment box in the lobby.  Payments made by phone or manual credit card entry will incur a 3% processing fee per transaction.  In an effort to keep classes affordable for your family, our office is not staffed full time.  When classes are in session, we ask that you not take time away from your child’s instructor to receive your payment. We offer a payment box outside our main office door. Receipts will be emailed to you & placed in your dancer’s mailbox. Choose to pay your tuition in full for the entire season by Sept. 16th (cash or check only)and receive one free month (10% discount).  There is a $40 charge for any payment returned NSF.

A new season is underway! Come join the fun!